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Do it Yourself

Are you considering an environmental change and does in mean relocating? This means increased mobility, carrying things, important or less important and getting ready for new style of life. There may be life time treasure collection and many personal items. How to initiate what to toss and what to keep. Instead of hiring an outsider, Do it yourself. You know what to donate, things to consider as memorabilia, personal or antique. You cannot do all this in one day, so break this into doable tasks and do it slowly daily.

First identify the options that are suitable as off loading things and hand it over as donation, pass it down to relatives, antique dealers, consignment shops, garage sale and toss. As it is a project for you as Do it yourself, list items into appropriate categories.

Consider each furniture piece, if it holds sentimental value, functional value or aesthetic value. Set a standard, choose that is appropriate. If you have two pieces serving same function, part with one of them. You have to measure the importance it brings, if you value resale, you can sell them or if money is not the main factor, you can donate it and feel ensured it is going to be of use to someone, somewhere.

Tackle appliances in the same way as furniture. Carry the ones that are easier and the ones that you may require in the new location. In case, you do not want some items, decide, if you have to sell, donate or toss. You may sort other possessions such as collectibles, utensils, clothes and decorative items. Consider the space available in the new location. Taking this clearing work as Do it yourself is the best as you know why you or why you do not need something, thus you can ensure storage parameters.

DIY Recycled Crafts

It is always hard to throw a vase of cut flowers outside. However, if you also dislike throwing such fresh flowers, consider DIY recycled crafts. There are many crafty ways of using these flowers and complimenting your house.

Card Stock: You must have observed the greeting cards are high-priced if they are made using handmade paper with flower petals meshed in it. You need not make your paper, but can ensure a unique look. Take some paper or card, stain it using tea bags or rub with coffee grounds and crumple it a little. Carefully rub on tacky glue and press the petals on them. Sew the edges using gold thread, it will look expensive.

Sachets: You buy sachets, those little baggies to store your lingerie sweetly scented in the drawer. Now get one breathable bag of lace, linen or some tight mesh. Fill it with these flower petals and using a pretty ribbon tie it. It always makes a wonderful gift.

Hats: If you love hats, you can now stick the dried petals to the brim. This is one of the DIY recycled crafts. You can dry the flowers using glycerin. Simply submerge them such that it has 2: 1 warm water: antifreeze glycerin for 2-3 weeks prior to hanging them to dry. Simply affix them once they dry to your hat. If they do not get wet, they make a beautiful addition to you hat, but will not last forever.

Wall art: Every home is incomplete without a wall art. Now you can employ the DIY recycled crafts ideas and make your own wall art using small wildflowers. You may stick these flowers to a card stock and put them in some old frame. It will give an antique look, but will look beautiful and save your money.

DIY Ideas

Planning your wedding reception and wishing to save money implies you must involve in self-catering DIY ideas. It may be stressful and time consuming, in case you fail to do essential planning. The good news is to meet the challenge easily with little foresight and creativity.

Helpful tips

  • Buy food items from a store in bulk or even from some wholesale market. This must include all the ingredients, so that you save money. In this way, you can also avoid trips to local supermarket. Plan your menu, prepare a shopping list and get ready to go.
  • Seek help from friends and family in advance to support your DIY ideas. Once you are armed with helping hands, knocking the food prep work becomes simple, besides you save time and the stress levels are reduced. Moreover, you can also avoid serving food on your wedding day.
  • The tact is in planning and organizing the execution to make a successful catering. Get your menu modeled from a professional. Shop for caterers, use their menu and plan your menu. This will give you more ideas and combinations that will be helpful.
  • Choose food items that are inexpensive. But without fail include the safe items such as chicken, pasta and sea food. Serve seasonal fruits and vegetables. This will also help in saving money.
  • The key to DIY Ideas is in actually nailing the presentation. Decorate tables, get multi-tiered serving dishes and garnish dishes offering a professional look.

People around you will be stunned how you managed your wedding reception catering. Ensure the table has a professional appeal. The better it looks, the more you feel happy. DIY ideas focus on creativity, regardless of whether the material is new or not. Likewise the adornments are not expected to be expensive.

DIY Gifts

If you are trying to find Diy gifts for your close friend or someone close to your heart then the worst thing what can happen to you is wrapping the diy gifts become difficult. The ideal solution for wrapping diy gifts is getting yourself a gift box. A gift box is much handy , looks presentable and is one best way to present your gift to your closed ones.

The best thing which you can do is make these gift boxes by yourself, it’s not a normal box which the acceptor of the gift might throw away, rather if your gift box is beautiful and elegant, he may keep it as thing to remember for a long time. You can also post short messages or well wishes on the top of the box, though this is not a hard and fast rule rather you can write anywhere on the box or maybe you can use a sticker as well. Symbols can also be drawn on these gift boxes which give a good overall look.

When you try to make your own gift box , it gives you a serious sense of freedom, you can make the gift box according to your ideas and wishes, though this activity can be time taking however if your resolve is pure, you can enjoy this activity and it also serve as a health mental exercise as well. Secondly philosophically such types of gifts creates a sense of love among the masses, as the receiver knows that you have taken a lot of time in making a gift box just for his or her. If you are not in a mood to make gift boxes, then nowadays you can also buy it from your local gift shop or maybe you can purchase it online as well.

DIY Crafts

Are you looking for activities to keep your children engaged at home? You can, engage them in DIY crafts. Spring is the ideal time to stay active outside and to show creativity. Few such crafts include:

Wind chime

You can use different sized tin cans and help your child in decorating them using glitter and paint in lots. This is one of the DIY crafts that are really very simple. Make a hole using a nail at each tin center. Thread the string from the holes. Now tie them together such that tie a knot at the string each end piece. In this way encourage the creativity of your child and add music to your patio or courtyard.

Recycle crayons

Crayons are the all time favorites of your kids. So you may ask them to collect all unused and old crayons. You can break all the old, unused crayons into smaller pieces. Get a muffin tin and using a non-stick spray you may spray the muffin tin, put the crayon smaller pieces into the muffin holes tray. Now, bake it for seven minutes into a pre-heated oven of 180 degrees. Remove the tray from the oven and allow it to cool. It will be ready to use, once they are cooled. You can also mix crayon colors and make funky and interesting colors.

Christmas crafting

Christmas is one such festival that offers plenty of opportunities for DIY crafts. A handmade present is the best gift. You can do Christmas cards, scrapbooking, decorations and Christmas party invitations in the Christmas month. Nowadays, the printable options are very helpful. You can print different things and make some awesome crafts. Printable stamps are useful to decorate anything. So use these printable digital stamps for scrapbook pages, cards, invitation or decorations. Smack a stamp on anything and everything.


There are many kinds of Crochet the one which is often used is called versatile; this technique is mostly used in western countries. A Crochet basically consists of yarn, hook and also stitches of loop nature. There are many kinds of stitches available in the market such as chain stitch, slip stitch and many others.

Historically it is said fiber was first used in the Arabian region through needle, samples have also been drugged and found in countries like Egypt. Basically Crochet is a French word which basically means hook, a hook which can used by both men and women. This is a very nice and comfortable technique as it can be done while sitting, lying down or even standing.

The peacock lace was invented basically by people from Europe, however these Europeans migrated from Europe to different states of America according to eye witnesses in conversed wagons. They knew the art of using hooks and they brought in America where the locals started learning from them.

However now a days this art has spread all over the world, and people from all walks of life are learning it and applying it in their daily lives. In fact this has become a complete industry nowadays with everybody applying for jobs in it. Crochet in the twenty first century is now manufacturing and producing a lot items related to fashion as was items related to decoration. Moreover they have also achieved good enough in personal garments as well and it seems this particular industry will grow and grow and with intense globalization now a days it can been seen that this industry has become both profitable and expandable as well. However government policies play an important role as far as growth of industries are concerned, though it still it can be seen that this industry will grow!


Originally from japan Amigurumi are basically toys of stuffed nature however they are usually round. Amigurumi is basically made from a compound of Amigurumi, which is actually Japanese word.

Amigurumi is toys which are usually in the shape of dolls or different kind of animals. However such toys are also seen as objects of inanimate nature. These kind of toys are basically very cute and most of the children get attracted to it very easily. Though the manufactures of toy industry tell us that making such toys is much easier, compared to other toys made from different materials. The material used in Amigurumi toys are very cost effective and are also of portable nature. The technical aspect is also very easy to learn.

As a consumer you can get these toys from any store or toy market. These toys you can buy and give to people on their birthdays and other such festivals. The price of these toys is much convenient as compared to other expensive toys. In much reasonable price you can get better value. However you need to take care of such toys as these toys are very flexible and if not handled properly they can be broken or get damaged, so you must keep extra attention when people are playing with it.

You can also get these toys from different online stores at a discounted price. Right now you can go to Google write the right keyword is search out the right sites or online stores from where you can get these toys at reasonable prices. The advantage of online store is that you can order the toy from your home and it will be automatically delivered to you at your door step, all you need to do is pay some delivery charged which is often not much in most of the cases.

Amigurumi are basically crocheted or in other words knitted from a very well-known material known as yarn. However it varies from Amigurumi manufactures what kind of material they really want to use. The material can be cotton, fabric of structured nature or acrylic as its both cheap and has attractive colours.Amigurumi can also be manufactured from wool. To cut the long story short it really is upon the manufacturers what kind of material they want to use.

As far as yarn is concerned it can be used of any kind however it must be put into consideration that it is not stretchy. However you must use a hook which is compatible with yarn. In order to stop leakage of stuffing you surely need a firm fabric. Amigurumi are in most of the cases made from fabrics scraps, however polyester can be used, though not normal polyester rather polyester beads, the reason is that it gives your toy extra weight and also make the toys stable.

You can crochet an amigurrumi by the use of magic ring, single crochet, single crochet increase and single crochet decrease. So these are some basic techniques which can be used. There is a variety of toys which are now manufactured and sold to retailer worldwide, who sell these toys worldwide. Selling of these kind of toys is a very profitable business nowadays, the reason is that these kind of toys are purchased in huge quantities. The reason is that toy is a big market which specifically linked with children of all ages. So if you have an entrepreneurial mind then go for this business, all it requires is a little investment and you will see the results within months, however make sure that you follow proper business strategies as the market is very competitive out there.