Do it Yourself

Are you considering an environmental change and does in mean relocating? This means increased mobility, carrying things, important or less important and getting ready for new style of life. There may be life time treasure collection and many personal items. How to initiate what to toss and what to keep. Instead of hiring an outsider, Do it yourself. You know what to donate, things to consider as memorabilia, personal or antique. You cannot do all this in one day, so break this into doable tasks and do it slowly daily.

First identify the options that are suitable as off loading things and hand it over as donation, pass it down to relatives, antique dealers, consignment shops, garage sale and toss. As it is a project for you as Do it yourself, list items into appropriate categories.

Consider each furniture piece, if it holds sentimental value, functional value or aesthetic value. Set a standard, choose that is appropriate. If you have two pieces serving same function, part with one of them. You have to measure the importance it brings, if you value resale, you can sell them or if money is not the main factor, you can donate it and feel ensured it is going to be of use to someone, somewhere.

Tackle appliances in the same way as furniture. Carry the ones that are easier and the ones that you may require in the new location. In case, you do not want some items, decide, if you have to sell, donate or toss. You may sort other possessions such as collectibles, utensils, clothes and decorative items. Consider the space available in the new location. Taking this clearing work as Do it yourself is the best as you know why you or why you do not need something, thus you can ensure storage parameters.