There are many kinds of Crochet the one which is often used is called versatile; this technique is mostly used in western countries. A Crochet basically consists of yarn, hook and also stitches of loop nature. There are many kinds of stitches available in the market such as chain stitch, slip stitch and many others.

Historically it is said fiber was first used in the Arabian region through needle, samples have also been drugged and found in countries like Egypt. Basically Crochet is a French word which basically means hook, a hook which can used by both men and women. This is a very nice and comfortable technique as it can be done while sitting, lying down or even standing.

The peacock lace was invented basically by people from Europe, however these Europeans migrated from Europe to different states of America according to eye witnesses in conversed wagons. They knew the art of using hooks and they brought in America where the locals started learning from them.

However now a days this art has spread all over the world, and people from all walks of life are learning it and applying it in their daily lives. In fact this has become a complete industry nowadays with everybody applying for jobs in it. Crochet in the twenty first century is now manufacturing and producing a lot items related to fashion as was items related to decoration. Moreover they have also achieved good enough in personal garments as well and it seems this particular industry will grow and grow and with intense globalization now a days it can been seen that this industry has become both profitable and expandable as well. However government policies play an important role as far as growth of industries are concerned, though it still it can be seen that this industry will grow!