Table Setting Ideas 1

Table Setting Ideas 1

Table setting ideas for a romantic dinner or for a party, there is no need to go for expensive crockery or table decorations. A bit of creativity is enough to highlight your imagination. You are sure to get compliments with these ideas:

The foremost table setting ideas that is simple is to use flowers. You can use even a single rose and there is no hard and fast rule to stack a bunch of flowers. Use a vase that is not in much height as it will block the view of your guests. Offer a creative touch by separating the petals and spread them on the table.

The elegant way of sprucing up table is by using cloth napkins. It may be different shapes and you can leave it at the ends if there are no napkin rings. Collect pine cones, paint it with gold and place it as center piece. Also add twigs from your garden and in combination with colorful flowers give an artistic touch.

Use candles, but do not overdo. One thick candle is also enough as a center piece. Float candles in water and without fail use non-scented candles as table setting ideas so that the fragrance does not get mixed with the aroma of food.

Use colorful tablecloths and before laying it on the table, remember to iron it neatly. Set a table by placing fresh fruits if you are setting a breakfast table. Match the fruits colors with crockery. In case, the table setting is for a buffet, use watering cans, white wicker baskets offering a rustic touch to the d├ęcor of the table. For a party during fall season, use dried fall leaves, flowers and melon to your table, while for a dinner setting during winters, use pine twigs and cones. Use green and red colored napkins to cheer the table.