Headboard Ideas

Headboards are regarded as one of the essential element of décor. If you visit your local market or browse online; you can find many Headboard ideas but most of these ideas are really expensive. However, you can create your own Headboard ideas through DIY technique. Such headboards are more stylish and dazzling to attract everyone’s attention.

Let’s start with photo headboards. If you have a compiled a photo album that contains some memorable moments of your family then be ready to create photo headboards. You can create photo headboards to exhibit your family photos as well as your favorite art piece. You will first need to create a headboard look as you will hang your family photo or art piece work on to the wall. Next, you have to choose frames with matching colors for creation of unified look. You can even spray frames to match them with the photo to save your cost. It is recommended that you should either use full black or white or sepia toned photos as it will generate a dazzling focal point in your room.

Another great thing to transform the boring look of your room is to create Headboard ideas with the help of an old door and it will just give the look of a furniture piece. You can purchase a piece of an old door from thrift store, a flea market, a salvage yard or from anywhere else for a few bucks. Just use sand and your creative painting skills to give it a new charm and new character. Well, just don’t forget to remove door knob. Mount it against wall and you will be surprised to witness your innovative creation of Headboard ideas into reality. You can do same with curtain Headboard ideas and quilted headboard. Good luck!